8 January 2019

I promise the kids pancakes and as a result I am really stressed this morning, have no breakfast, rush Leo to Kindergarten and run to hospital….

Today, cancer life is back with an osteoporosis test …. osteopenia is a mild form of osteoporosis and considering my age, the bones are too fragile, but I guess this is a normal level considering the chemos I have been through and I am being referred to my doctor…. hmmm.

I am exhausted, the night was horrible and yet, I will see what the morning brings…. but first coffee! I stop at Caf√© Schmitz and enjoy a bit of quietness and me time. Yes, I could be home with Mia, but I need some energy to look after her!

Having a sick child at home, means that I have no free time, when at home and by the looks of it, she will be home for another three weeks and I simply lack the energy, as I still have all my doctor appointments and admin to cope with too. I want to be there for my child, wish I could simply chill with her all day.

I receive my rehab paperwork and it exhausts me, but I finish all the paperwork and get it on the way! I am longing to go to rehab, but dreading to be away from the kids ….. the plan is that they come and stay nearby during week two, but I need to organise that!

I am anxious due to my appointment with Prof. Dr. Breidenbach tomorrow – when will the staging be done? What do I need to do for follow-up care? When? How? I will hopefully get all my answers I have been waiting for since December.

I will go home now and chill with Mia until I need to pick up Leo and any other issues, paperwork, calls and to dos will simply be ignored!

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