3 January 2019

My day is full of doctor appointments, I am seeing my dentist at 7pm and I need to be 7:00am in hospital for my operation, but that is ok, because Mia is a super trooper, Mum will arrive tonight and I am packed to leave for Hamburg after my operation tomorrow to see my bosom... Continue Reading →

2 January 2019

No matter how busy you are .... yes, I forgot it - #feelitonthefirst! Make sure you check your breasts, boys and girls... it can save your life - it certainly saved mine and I only found my knot accidently as I NEVER checked my boobs! And boy, I am so busy.... we are now trapped... Continue Reading →

1 January 2019

I heard about Kim for the first time one year ago - because she died, because she had breast cancer, because she was too young, because she inspired and it hit me in the face.... Why?!? It is horrible, yes, but on top of it, it made me realize that.... - you are never too... Continue Reading →

31 December 2018

We arrive at home this afternoon and I am exhausted, but happy to be here and equally scared, as I have no clue as to what lays ahead of us! I take a 15 minute space mask rest - which promises miracles, intergalactic relaxation and the kind of space escape I am longing for -... Continue Reading →

30 December 2018

Still in hospital.... it only took them a full day to x-ray Mia and it will probably take them another one for the accident surgeons to talk to us 😉 Mia is in good hands though, gets regular medication after she was in a lot of pain yesterday and is quite jolly... she just cannot... Continue Reading →

29 December 2018

While Mia slept well, the cure little boy from Africa had severe coughing attacks last night and was put on oxygen and nurses would be in and out of the room.... This morning I double checked that he was not contagious and they confirmed that he was on antibiotics and all was fine. I informed... Continue Reading →

28 December 2018

I can pretend as much as I like that I am ok, reality hits me hard after the Christmas days - I am exhausted, my body is tired and hurts and I feel empty.... I stay in bed most of the day and rest and cry, don't even attempt to do the paperwork for rehab... Continue Reading →

26 December 2018

On the 25th we have our traditional Christmas brunch with the extended family, my cousins from Frankfurt and Cologne are here and whoooo had the same idea to go to a restaurant?!? My childhood friend Lars and his family are sitting at the long table next to us - perfect! I am full and tired,... Continue Reading →

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