3 April 2018

Jeeezzz, why do I still have hot flashes… Well, there are worse things, I know 😉

I am at PAN Clinic to see Prof. Dr. Warm for a check up. Claudia is also there and we chat away, while we are waiting to be seen. He is charming as ever, rolls his eyes and punctures my breast again. He is happy with what he gets out, it is all ok and I shall continue with my antibiotics, some cream and see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach one week later.

As I am leaving, he gives me a copy of the tumor conference minutes, which is the first time I see one of them, and checks that I have been informed about the outcome. „Yes, I will do another chemo – that’s ok“ he smiles at me „it would be nice to have you around a bit longer“…. it takes what it takes!

Lately I am worried about my little active cancer, which was removed, …. the ifs are on my mind…. I scan the tumor conference minutes, while I have a quick wine with Claudia. Most of it is hard to understand, but if I see it right, the little tumor was actually triple negative now…. I need to check with Prof. Dr. Breidenbach and hope that this means that she will not even consider the anti hormone therapy anymore. I need to understand the different options and possible consequences a little bit better.

There isn’t the one cure that always works! Yes, some therapies work for most of the breast cancer patients, but not always….never the less, the earlier the cancer is found, the better curable it is! I was lucky that I found it early and really have nothing to worry about! I have been sooo lucky so far… I am thinking about Amy and I wonder how she is right now. I put on the most colorful make-up I have. OK, I look a bit pale compared to Amy, but I have not been wearing this much make-up since my cruise ship days! I shall definitely make an effort from now on to add some more colour into my life, but now I am off to meet the girls for dinner at Laden Ein and some drinks at Agnes+ 😉

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