29 November 2018

I am back in my cancer routines, but I should rename them to just doctors' runs, I guess.... I am a bit sentimental, as today is my last visit to my onchologist.... I have a good bye present and remember, when I last said good bye in February after what I then thought was my... Continue Reading →

28 November 2018

Today is THE day!! 15 months of active treatment are over... the last chemo pills are waiting for me tonight! 4 EC chemo 12 T Chemos 3 operations 1 pneumonia 1 thrombosis 1 mouth sore Colds & bone aches & pains paired with emotional rollercoaster rides... 28 radiations 1 stretcher torn with a splintered bone... Continue Reading →

27 November 2018

It's ok not to be ok, but you need to know how to pick yourself up again.... two bottles of wine and a great evening with friends are my remedy.... I know that I am enough, lovable and unique - I do it my way, will continue to love unconditionally, will continue to believe in... Continue Reading →

26 November 2018

Autumn is gone... it is wet, grey, misty and melancholy is ascending.... I need jolly Christmas music, Glühwein, cookies and Christmas markets.... bring it on. A year ago I was with pneumonia in hospital one day after my company's Christmas bash , lonely and sad and forced to calm down and face my feelings. It... Continue Reading →

25 November 2018

Yesterday Blogger4Charity officially opened their first office.... it was a small crowd, but the rooms were filled with all these heart people! Supporting this charity - initiated by Natalie - is a heartfelt matter, as there is not only full commitment to raise awareness for cancer and make people look after themselves, but so much... Continue Reading →

24 November 2018

Weather update - rain rain rain and I get up with the kids and we just enjoy being at home ❤️ Sometimes I am distracted - in fact quite often..., but I am aiming to be more in the here and now... especially with my kids! Sabrina & Marlene pick me up to go to... Continue Reading →

23 November 2018

Wow - what a day! DKMS LIFE invited 23 of their their #encouragementcrew for a first get together! Wow - I knew a few from other events and am honoured to be part of this group of amazing women.... we all have different stories, yet we are all connected, click straight away and together we... Continue Reading →

22 November 2018

Before going to my alternative practitioner, I need a quick coffee date.... we have another kindergarten friend over at ours and then I have the evening off. Yavi Hameister invited me to the lecture of her first book and I cannot wait to hear it and to personally meet her, as we only know each... Continue Reading →

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