28 February 2018

It was a wonderful atmosphere last night with candles only in the upper studio, which is open to all sides letting the subtle noises of the jungle mingle with the singing of the Tibetan bowls. Peaceful and beautiful, but all these bowls ringing did not help me sleep well. Maybe the day was spiritually a... Continue Reading →

27 February 2018

It is 8.00 am and we are at Vinyasa Slow with Murni during which I actually start crying and actually have to pause, as it is too much for me before breakfast, but I did at least a bit. Somehow my emotions start flowing out and somehow I hope that this is a sign of... Continue Reading →

26 February 2018

"Are you sisters?!?" ....very single day - even the suggestion that we are twins comes up a few times.... I know Silke for 26 year and we were never ever considered sisters 😂 maybe soul sister?!? I took my nail polish off my toes yesterday and what a sad picture it was.... they are white,... Continue Reading →

25 February 2018

The metastasis on my head turned out to be a mosquito bite. I am not the type to panic, but these thoughts do arise whenever something feels weird and I am sure it will always be like this in the future, as the necessary caution is something that goes hand in hand with a little... Continue Reading →

24 February 2018

The Balinese people are simply amazing - we receive so much kindness, happiness and love, while they spread a feeling of calm and peacefulness! I love them! After a change to the Ubud Aura resort - I am still in awe by the German efficiency we seem to have in us, being at the new... Continue Reading →

23 February 2018

From day to day I am regaining strength physically and mentally. When I left Germany I was too exhausted to even start arguing with my insurance company, but today is the last day to object to the cutting of all my benefits and I feel strong enough to write two letters. Whatever the outcome, I... Continue Reading →

22 February 2018

My insurance company is incredible.... now I received a letter that they are cutting my sick benefits 1st-6th February, because my sick notice for the period 1st-28th February was isses only on the 6th?!!? Thank you - funnily enough this was never an issue in the past 😉 I sent them an email objecting, but... Continue Reading →

21 February 2018

Ommmm.... this is our spiritual awakening day! We start with Yin Yoga with Denise. This is now our daily must have.... you simply lay there and place tennis balls and other props to work on your fascias. Half an hour later is crystal bowl meditation. "Don't you think it's too much?" Silke worries, but since... Continue Reading →

20 February 2018

It's Silke's Birthday and we start the day celebrating Bali style - with Bintang beer after yet another excellent vegan dinner at Sayuri Healing Food.... Meditation and yoga are something that really helped me during the chemo months. Not only physically, but also emotionally and this is why I am here now - meditation &... Continue Reading →

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