19 February 2018

One side effect of chemo is menopause. Even if artificial, it comes with the same side effects - hot flashes and I have them all the time....not that it isn't hot enough here 😉 on a positive note - the humidity is wonderful for my dry sinuses, which are no longer dry 😀! In Ubud... Continue Reading →

18 February 2018

Anticipating that I would wake up early, I had the naive idea of going surfing at 7am, when it is low tide 😂 The sun shines through the gaps between the wooden planks of my little hut. I feel happy and full of energy. It is past 9am and I have not slept this long... Continue Reading →

17 February 2018

Bali - finally!! I have been waiting for this since October.... it was my goal after chemo! I never knew, if I would be fit enough to go, if I would actually go, but it kept me going.... I have been to many countries working on the ships and being a happy traveller, but Bali... Continue Reading →

16 February 2018

Hera arrived late last night, but we went for a beer at the waterfront, chatted forever and saw the New Years fireworks! The view from the 19th floor is amazing, I meditate with the rising sun in my face and spend the morning at the pool chatting away - pure bliss! The funny thing with... Continue Reading →

15 February 2018

Smooth travels for the handicapped 😉 I get an electric car to the gate - the last time I had the pleasure was in Dubai, when we were so late for our flight (I mixed up the time) that they drove us with one of these cars in order to have a chance at all... Continue Reading →

14 February 2018

Today, it is packing day 🤦‍♀️ .... I have the whole day though! I am an expert in procrastination though.... I go to physio, do a moderate training with the running Mamas, have coffee with Mona, chat with Nick and do whatever I can do to distract myself from packing 😉 I do close my... Continue Reading →

13 February 2018

Is is a crisp and sunny day... and I don't know how to manage it all.... but somehow it will fall into place. Leo is at home today, Markus is off, but has to work a bit, Mum is on her way and I need to calm down.... I should close my eyes, breath and... Continue Reading →

12 February 2018

All kids and I are asleep by 9pm - Leo and Janis actually share a bed and the love between all these cousins is amazingly beautiful .... we are all completely exhausted from the day though. I wake up at 11pm to the worst nightmare I had in ages.... And it takes forever to fall... Continue Reading →

11 February 2018

I am sooo exhausted, but it was actually Markus, who went out and I was in bed early 😉.... yet, I take it easy today after getting up with the kids! No need to be ill again and Karneval with all the crowds and everyone kissing each other, is the worst time of the year... Continue Reading →

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