12 February 2018

All kids and I are asleep by 9pm – Leo and Janis actually share a bed and the love between all these cousins is amazingly beautiful …. we are all completely exhausted from the day though. I wake up at 11pm to the worst nightmare I had in ages…. And it takes forever to fall back asleep – Chemo brain at it’s best performance I guess …. but I chat, text and Maja even calls…. It is sad that I sleep, while it is Karneval, but I am so tired and I started coughing during the night and it scares me!

Today is our traditional ‚open house‘ Monday, which I have been doing for more than ten years. Everyone is invited, brings something, we eat & drink & go to the big parade …. it used to be a bunch of friends, but meanwhile the kids outnumber the adults 😉 I love it!

It is a wonderful event with loads of people, sunshine and laughter and I still have the energy to join them at the parade for a little while …. – surprisingly it snows when we get home. Funny weather!

I shaved my head for the occasion, but I hope it will be the last time… I just feel that there are still little bald patches on top of my head 🙄 …nevermind.

Tomorrow I still have admin work to do. Singapore Airlines advised me to better get a letter from my doctor that I am fit to travel, I still have to talk to my company and doctor about the holidays, which I might use and I did not even think about packing…. I think I should also get some antibiotics, just in case my chest gets worse…. Thank god my Mum will arrive tomorrow to support me a bit – and if there is a wee bit of energy left in my body, I will go and burn the Nubbel tomorrow night. A lot of pubs have a mansize doll hanging above the entrance during the Karneval days – the Nubbel – and it is burned on the last evening of Karneval along with all the sins…. traveling all clean to Bali 😉

Amazing family resemblance 😉

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