31 August 2018

This is an early #feelitonthefirst post - today is my one year cancerversary of my diagnosis and how do I feel?!? Terrible! This is the day I was sure that I would be back in my normal life after a summer of fun and a big bash to say thank you to everyone and celebrate... Continue Reading →

30 August 2018

Chemo sister Block asks what I do against cancer fatigue "sports and deleting 1/3 of my to do list" and she bursts out laughing together with nurse Fassbender, who giggles in the background. It's maybe not a good day, as I am extremely tired and have already been to the beautician and the alternative practitioner... Continue Reading →

29 August 2018

Perspective - My kids live in their own little world sometimes - Leo is building a solar system with hulas and is flying as a crazy Saturn through the Kindergarten grounds, while Mia is a baby fairy, a baby giraffe and a baby cat and sometimes all together and I, I also build my little... Continue Reading →

28 August 2018

A year ago today, I was at breakfast with my mummy friends, relieved that I had both kids in day care for the first time ever and a couple of weeks left for myself before returning to work.... just then, I remembered that I wanted to see my gynecologist because of that knot.... I was... Continue Reading →

27 August 2018

Coffee is my remedy.... I love coffee! Not just the coffee itself, but the mood around it! Coffee let's me sit down, I smell it, nip the foam, take the first zip and breath. I can drink it alone or with company and my coffee dates are like therapy for me.... It is the first... Continue Reading →

26 August 2018

I am officially back from my time out, rested, stronger, less bones aches, more energy.... I might have spent all last night though, when I danced away till the wee hours of the morning, but at least for one day I felt strong and full of power. It was a beautiful party with friends I... Continue Reading →

19 August 2018

My heart cannot take any more positive moments, love and happiness - what an amazing weekend! I manage to do the Spiritual Sunday meditation with Laura Malina Seiler - a Live Session at 9:00am every Sunday and today all about gratitude! What am I grateful for?!? This - the here and now - the events,... Continue Reading →

18 August 2018

🎵🎶Berlin, Berlin - we're going to Berlin🎶🎵.... it is my second Blogger4Charity event and I am full of love and happy moments. I arrive a little early and scroll through Rudi-Duschke-Strasse, where I spent so many days in our HRG office during my regular business trips.... I see the Turkish grocery guy stacking the water... Continue Reading →

16 August 2018

Why are there no longer steamer trunks - the QE2 guests had them for the world cruise and I could clearly do with a couple for my 12 days away from home .... there is simply no energy to pack light! The other heavy baggage I take along is grief. My insta friend Erin passed... Continue Reading →

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