30. Juli 2019

Kennt Ihr Anke?! Ich kenne sie auch erst seit kurzem persönlich, aber ich folge schon länger ihrem Blog und liebe ihn sehr! „Lächeln und Winken“ ist ein Familienblog und ich mag ihn, denn er ist nicht nur informativ, sondern ehrlich und oft auch sehr lustig! Besonders Ankes Stories – wie oft hab ich mich wiedererkannt […]

12 February 2018

All kids and I are asleep by 9pm – Leo and Janis actually share a bed and the love between all these cousins is amazingly beautiful …. we are all completely exhausted from the day though. I wake up at 11pm to the worst nightmare I had in ages…. And it takes forever to fall […]

10 February 2018

I was so upset yesterday, disappointed, tired, hurt and all the hassle with the insurance company, who on top of all decided to send me a registered letter to confirm that they are cancelling all support, while I am out of Germany. I am fine though – I am honestly beyond caring, but this was […]

18 January 2018

Life is like a bag of candy – you only know what something tastes like, when you actually try it….. Hurray it’s chemo day! What a night…. Mia was crying a lot, basically slept on top of me and in short intervalls and I didn’t 🙄. I stayed up late with Anke and chatted, but […]