31 October 2017

Up since 5.30... AHHH! The chemo still has it's side effects and I was a lot awake during the night and my kids are suddenly early risers!! Well, since I am awake anyway, I might as well give Markus a layin again. The emotional state of myself is frightening. I have never taken drugs, but... Continue Reading →

30 October 2017

Thank you, daylight saving!!! I have been up with the kids since 5:15 am! It has actually been great to spend a bit more time with them ❤️ Having dropped of Leo, I have like 1000 things to do before meeting my psycho lady at lunchtime 😉 I am still coping with the emotional side... Continue Reading →

29 October 2017

I could sleep all day! I am still happy to be in Frankfurt and I do not mind that Anne’s kids join me then sofa in the morning, but I am soooo tired! Markus is looking after my kids at home and he is doing a really good job! Thank you! I am really sad... Continue Reading →

28 October 2017

I can still do it! Two days past chemo and I am going to Frankfurt to join some friends from near and far, I have not seen for ever.... Great catching up and I make sure to rest on my friend Anne's sofa before going to Wagner's in the evening. What a wonderful evening! Somehow I seem to... Continue Reading →

27 October 2017

Infusion and injection day at the chemo center. It is the last one of the post chemo shots I get, as it is no longer needed with the next cycle... whoohhooo! I am spending more than two hours there though, as there are two public holidays coming up next week and everyone needs their stuff... Continue Reading →

26 October 2017

My last ‚big’ EC chemo and Katja‘s last chemo! She has - in a Germanic manner - reserved a seat for me... I am so happy to see her! We chat away and today I am already slightly sick during chemo... Katja says that only thinking of this place makes her sick! Chemo nurse Fassbender... Continue Reading →

25 October 2017

What a lovely autumn day - I meet the running moms, have lots of coffee in the sun and hang with Hannah. In the afternoon Manish is in Cologne and we have share a great trip down memory lane with tapas and wine 🙂 I hope I will be fit enough on Saturday to see... Continue Reading →

24 October 2017

It is again two days prior to chemo and I am trying to pack in as much as I can! Today it is yoga massage and lymph drainage, which I really enjoy!

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