31 August 2017

It is my cousin Sylvie‘s daughter Jule‘s 1st day in school! I join the ceremony and rush to mammography before the lunch with the family! Even before the mammography, Kindergarten call us that I need to pick up Leo, as he has some little pox! Well i am at the doctor‘s and need a while...... Continue Reading →

29 August 2017

Lea is looking after the kids and I rush to Prof. Dr. Breidenbach. She tells me that she will do a punch biopsy, where a needle takes 5 samples out of the lump and that I will get the results two days later. While looking at the ultrasound, I tell her that I just stopped... Continue Reading →

28 August 2017

I have breakfast with the Moms and the first day EVER with both kids, Leo and Mia, in Kindergarten, when I remember to make an appointment with Dr. Rix! Though I say that I will see her Wednesday, I change it last minute, drop the kids with our neighbour Pam and rush downtown. „Oh, you... Continue Reading →

27 August 2017

After a trip down memory lane, now back to Germany! Great to see everyone! Finally get to meet the Luke brothers! I meet Anna from Hamburg on the coach to Heathrow - what an inspirational young lady .... I should join an autogenic training course! 

26 August 2017

I am in London in the „My Bloomingdales“ Hotel and discover a knot in my breast... what the heck - I will get it checked out, when back in Germany! Off to the QE2 Reunion in Southampton 😎

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