16 January 2019

Alaaf!! I rocked today, dropped off Leo, took Mia along to my running Mamas, went shopping and got a trim and even managed my household aid cancelling and a dentist appointment.... I am exhausted, but as my cousin and her daughter entertain my kids, I quickly throw together a costume, as I have just been... Continue Reading →

15 January 2018

I have yet another sleepless night! To be mindful is to name your feelings and to accept them and right now, there is grief and sadness, which are choking me and I am sobbing, as I read the words my late childhood friend Sandra's husband sends me along with some beautiful pictures. It is unbelievable... Continue Reading →

14 January 2019

There is no rain and the sun is out.... oh, it feels so good! Pure bliss! Mum stays until I finish Music therapy and see my psychologist, the builder is hopefully fixing our floor for the last time and I want to go out with the kids after Leo finishes kindergarten.... I try to do... Continue Reading →

13 January 2019

Despite tiredness beyond belief, I have a sleepless night and thank goodness there is "Babylon Berlin"... I am completely hooked on this tv series - brilliant - and actually finish it! My muscles are tense and my bones hurt.... and then I have the idea of the century! Since Friday I am allowed to swim... Continue Reading →

12 January 2019

Cancer connections - we could have met in a pub, at a party or through friends, but our mutual 'friend' is cancer and we actually met at a Janssen cancer blogger workshop, as my friend Don blogs about his cancer on Facebook. These are the connections I am grateful for and one of the positive... Continue Reading →

11 January 2019

A dreadful night, my baby girl in pain and I am physically and emotionally exhausted, but apparently it just needs some time.... I am happy that Recover your Smile send me some pictures to sheer me up and I am thrilled that there was yet another positive scan result amongst my cancer peeps! Have a... Continue Reading →

10 January 2019

Less than a month and I will be in rehab.... there is an unbearable mountain of to dos, but today is Mia and me day.... no worries in the world! After physio, we drop off Leo in Kindergarten and meet the chemo sisters and their kids for a coffee, buy fruit at my favourite Tatjana... Continue Reading →

9 January 2019

Bye bye active therapy, hello follow-up care..... whoooohooo! I am tired and exhausted! Yes, I went out last night, but the kids were restless and I have a 8:00am lymphdrainage. I am being informed that I missed yet another appointment - the second one within one week.... it just shows that it is too much... Continue Reading →

8 January 2019

I promise the kids pancakes and as a result I am really stressed this morning, have no breakfast, rush Leo to Kindergarten and run to hospital.... Today, cancer life is back with an osteoporosis test .... osteopenia is a mild form of osteoporosis and considering my age, the bones are too fragile, but I guess... Continue Reading →

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