19 July 2018

I can still do it.... I am still happy for other people and don't begrudge someone their luck, their life and their happiness. Au contraire - it makes me happy to see their happiness! Meeting my friend Andrea's baby, who is not even a week old, let's my heart melt.... yes, I will never be... Continue Reading →

18 July 2018

Here is a special recommendation - aloe vera infused hydrating gloves & socks with some kind of silicone or gel layer inside! Doro sent them to me as a gift after their trip to the Canary Islands and now they come in handy, as one major side effect of chemo pills is dry hands and... Continue Reading →

17 July 2018

Help! This is a difficult one! How can one help? What is right? What is wrong? What is a no go?!? I wish there was that one answer that would always work, but there isn't. What helps one day, does not work the next - at least for me! And what helps me, might not... Continue Reading →

16 July 2018

The song "sleeping beauty was a pretty child" is in my head as Mia rephrased it to "poo-poo was a pretty word".... oh well! I shouldn't, but I love it! Today is my day off after bringing the kids to kindergarten and I sleep, but feel that there is no improvement.... we could not get... Continue Reading →

15 July 2018

You realize how much you enjoy a day, an evening, forget the whole cancer thing, when you realize at 1:00am that you forgot to take your chemo pills 🤦‍♀️ I am sleeping at Anke's, have a little snack and take my chemo pills 30 min later.... we have an early wake-up call, as Anke works... Continue Reading →

14 July 2018

Today I am on a secret mission and sleep is the key!! I sort all my stuff and am in bed by 1am, which I deeply regret as Mia cries at 5am and wants to join me.... thankfully she falls back asleep. Leo joins us just before 6am, snuggles, but is awake.... the minute he... Continue Reading →

13 July 2018

Stuff, it is just useless stuff, which stresses me today! Why? I use the time while the kids are in Kindergarten to tidy the flat, prepare the folders for kindergarten and go to lymphdrainage, but I am restless....I have to pick the kids up at 1pm nowadays and three hours can be very short. I... Continue Reading →

12 July 2018

Oh, my little girl... she waves me off and runs into the play kitchen in Kindergarten.... "I will be back after lunch! Do I get a kiss?" Quick kiss and off I go to my alternative practitioner for reflexology and acupuncture, while I am clinging to my phone! Frau Kakizaki gives me a mild look... Continue Reading →

11 July 2018

Tired, but happy....Mia was in kindergarten for breakfast and lunch and is super happy, while I went to my running mamas, have a coffee and run some errands, I pick up four kids on bikes from kindergarten and all goes well, I attend our home owner's meeting and bring the kids to bed.....Holiday is booked,... Continue Reading →

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