18 August 2018

🎵🎶Berlin, Berlin - we're going to Berlin🎶🎵.... it is my second Blogger4Charity event and I am full of love and happy moments. I arrive a little early and scroll through Rudi-Duschke-Strasse, where I spent so many days in our HRG office during my regular business trips.... I see the Turkish grocery guy stacking the water... Continue Reading →

16 August 2018

Why are there no longer steamer trunks - the QE2 guests had them for the world cruise and I could clearly do with a couple for my 12 days away from home .... there is simply no energy to pack light! The other heavy baggage I take along is grief. My insta friend Erin passed... Continue Reading →

13 August 2018

Meditation - this is something literally everyone recommended I should do after I got my diagnosis... but how?!?! I had some experience with guided meditations through my travels and yoga practices, but needed to find a way to bring regularity into this..... I quickly discovered Headspace (thanks Oli!) and when I could no longer run... Continue Reading →

12 August 2018

#BraveBrightBeautiful - that's what I want to be, but in the mornings it's normally #OldTiredStiff.... not today though.... I am waken by some rays of sunshine on my face at 9:00am - peace, quietness and warmth fill the room and I can just turn around, linger in bed and have a first quiet coffee, while... Continue Reading →

11 August 2018

My kids are going for a few days to my Mum's before we pick them up for our holidays.... I want to spoil them beforehand, give Markus a lay in, make yellow and green pancakes, play silly games and let them watch their first 20 minutes of Sesame Street - ever - and it brings... Continue Reading →

10 August 2018

Teeth - I never had good ones and I was always scared of losing them, had horrible dentist visits and the simple thought of visiting a dentist would give me shivers - not even the little rubber animals I was rewarded with could help! Yes, I definitely ate too much candy, the creaking of my... Continue Reading →

9 August 2018

"I am telling you for the last time" chemo nurse Fassbender gives me a lecture.., and I know that she means well! "You have to say good bye to your cancer - tell him that in November you are parting ways!" It makes me think, yes, definitely we are going separate ways, yes, I need... Continue Reading →

8 August 2018

It is amazingly warm at almost 30 degrees at 11pm, when Simone and I cycle back from the Philharmonia concert "The 27 Club".... it feels like I am in a mediterannean country, as the warm air blows trough my hair and the Rhine river sparkles in the night... I am filled with happiness as I... Continue Reading →

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