17 March 2018p

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What will I do to celebrate?!? Nothing.... my energy to celebrate goes as far as making a green smoothy bowl 🙄 I wonder, if I will ever have more energy.... yes, I know I will, but it feels very surreal today and I wonder what my life after cancer will be... Continue Reading →

16 March 2018

No pathological results before Monday, but I am too busy to think about it (much).... what are the consequences, if there are still cancer cells in the tissue, which was removed during the operation? I have no idea... would another operation be sufficient or would I even face further chemo? I have no clue, but... Continue Reading →

15 March 2018

Did I mention that my last brave eyelash went to unicorn heaven?!? There is a full army of little stubbles ready to grow strong though and since I could not really put mascara on one eyelash anyway, I am not really in mourning 😉 Other bodyparts are not developing as well - I flipped up... Continue Reading →

14 March 2018

A bit of gentle Running Mamas training and endless coffees at Klee'snack is the right thing to start this bright sunny day. I am however, a bit anxious to hear from Prof. Dr. Breidenbach regarding the pathology results.....but no info today, so I will see what tomorrow will bring. Menopause is a subject the Fuck... Continue Reading →

13 March 2018

Hmmmm.... how did I gain weight in hospital?!? Nevermind! Yesterday I treated myself to a pair of Doc Martens.... delayed by more than 20 years. I wanted to buy some, when I was young and had saved the money, but was told that I was too fat for Docs.... apart from the fact that I... Continue Reading →

12 March 2018

Thank you for the flowers - I have no idea who sent them, but I appreciate it a lot ❤️ It is a bright and sunny day and I meet chemo buddy Katja for a chat and coffee prior to our gyn appointments, which we scheduled ages ago to make sure we meet again. Katja... Continue Reading →

11 March 2018

I am on the phone and suddenly Prof. Dr. Warm enters my room. It is Saturday evening - I am well impressed! He says he could not sleep, if he did not check and promises to inform Prof. Dr. Breidenbach that I am behaving myself 😉 .... did I mention that she sent a What's... Continue Reading →

10 March 2018

I think I have the hospital blues....and I am knackered! I have breakfast with the kids though - via FaceTime 🤣 What happened to my left breast?!? Well, during the operation, the 4mm rest of my tumor in my left breast was removed and the surrounding tissue plus the tissue around the spot where the... Continue Reading →

9 March 2018

"If you were three centimeters longer, you would get an extended bed!" Well, I am not and wonder what the nurse is trying to tell me.... stretch?!?! My kids love hospital .... or rather the electric bed and turn and twist it as much as they can - I watch it from a far distance... Continue Reading →

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