19 June 2018

Busy happy bee - me.... lots of appointments are lined up, but they are happy appointments in between like lunch with my kindergarten buddy Lars and tea with Lea while the kids are at gymnastics... 19/30 for #stepupfor30 is crunning - crawling and running.... or at least an attempt to do so.... I do a... Continue Reading →

18 June 2018

Energy level - rock bottom! I sleep most of the morning and am still exhausted! But I promised Mia to pick her up today and this is about all I am managing today 😉 and my weekly yoga tonight for my #stepupfor30 challenge! Somehow I have the cancer blues today - I have started my... Continue Reading →

17 June 2018

#stepupfor30 - cleaning up the cellar and getting the stuff ready for next week's flea market .... pfewww!! I am so exhausted and my body hurts! It's football time - Germany's first game and we are watching at a BBQ party at Alex and Lea's 🇩🇪 I am tired, but troll along.... my energy level... Continue Reading →

16 June 2018

#stepupto30 challenge meets aqua fitness... last time I joined my cousin Sylvie doing it, I was pregnant, but it is fun and a British guy doing picturesque ballet moves, give the whole thing a funny synchronized swimming touch and makes my day.... While getting changed I meet Nadine, who I have not seen for ages... Continue Reading →

15 June 2018

#stepupfor30 - £260 - wow!! I have a treat for you today - my physical activity of the day is called plogging! A mix of "plocka" (Swedish for "picking up") and jogging, where you combine running with picking up rubbish.... a win-win sports idea! Thank you Doro for the suggestion! Anyone else having fun ideas?!?!?... Continue Reading →

14 June 2018

Oh, how could I not mention it - my life has changed! Yesterday was the first day I no longer needed to wear a sports bra 24/7 - one step towards normality and I am happy I can wear everything I want now! The hot temperatures were really calling for lighter clothing.... yeah! As far... Continue Reading →

13 June 2018

Lesson learned! I need to slow down.... reflecting the past weeks, tiredness dominated my days and having to be at radiation every morning filled up my scheduled pretty much. Thank you so much for the support and all the lovely messages - it means the world to me ❤️ I check with my alternative practitioner... Continue Reading →

12 June 2018

I am sick of being sick and tired of being tired.... in a helpless attempt to brighten the day, I paint Mia and my fingernails yellow, but that does not really help. I cry during the night and elements of my conversation with Dr. Reiser reappear on my mind.... the curly hair will go away,... Continue Reading →

11 June 2018

My first day of freedom?!? Not really! It is nice not to go to radiation for a change, but the next lot of appointments is waiting.... I have a lovely breakfast with Andrea and Simone, but then my gynecologist Dr. Rix confirms that it does not look like that my period is coming back, which... Continue Reading →

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