31 March 2018

One thing I learned during my journey, is to listen to my body and therefore I am resting today! Just a little trip with Markus and the kids to the ski rental place to fit Mia with some gear, sitting around in ski club, while the kids play and getting the Easter stuff ready are... Continue Reading →

30 March 2018

It is a beautiful day with fresh snow and random sunshine! Whoohoo....Markus and I manage to ski together for a good hour this morning, while Mia is in Kinder Club Kindergarten and Leo snowploughs away in Ski Club.... I am all happy chappy and the rest of the family seems quite content as well 😀... Continue Reading →

29 March 2018

The first day skiing - not for Mia and me though and it makes me sad, but the bed was blood stained and I need to take it easy, which pays off, as there is no new blood for the rest of the day... the weather isn't that nice anyway 😉 My cousin Sylvie, who... Continue Reading →

28 March 2018

My boobies wrap is full of blood in the morning, but Prof. Dr. Breidenbach is only a What's App message away - oh, she is wonderful! I shall not worry, as there was still old blood and it is good that it is out of my body! I shall make sure to take the antibiotics... Continue Reading →

27 March 2018

Despite Mia singing "Oh Tannenbaum" and playing hide & seek with herself under my blanket at 3:00am, I am with Prof. Dr. Breidenbach by 8:00am. I am being told off for not contacting her via What's App before the weekend...I have a massive haematoma in my breasts, which she punctures and while she draws a... Continue Reading →

26 March 2018

Sunny day and packing is on our agenda.... bahhh.... I am mastering my procrastination skills going to the beautician, running some errands, meeting Hannah at Café Pause and since we have no household aid today, I have to look after the kids this afternoon .... ahhhhh..... somehow it always falls into place and we will... Continue Reading →

25 March 2018

What a beautiful and relaxing day and thank you Eurowings for cancelling my brother Micky's flight. The sun is shining, it is warm, I put a dress on and he picks me up with a DriveNow (car sharing) convertible for a coffee at Café Bauturm after my overnight guests leave..... I hardly see my brother,... Continue Reading →

24 March 2018

What a nice and quiet day! Apart from Ulla, who bursts into my quiet breakfast in Café Pause like a hurricane 😉 What a funny lady and we figure that we went to the same school, but different times .... it's a small world. I enjoy the sunshine, visit two potential houses with Simone and... Continue Reading →

23 March 2018

At lunchtime we pick up the kids from Kindergarten and they leave with Markus for Holland. Mia's godfather Volker organized the weekend for the second time and they call it their man motivation weekend, as they are telling each other all weekend long what a great job they do with their kids and how cool... Continue Reading →

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