10 December 2017

Oh what a beautiful day! Note to self – always check the weather app before taking the bike anywhere in December. I thought a little excercise and fresh air would be beneficial, so we take the bikes to Simone’s for breakfast. It is 10.00am, a bit cold, but a nice and dry day. While chillaxing […]

9 December 2017

Snow… snow… snow… for about one hour and all was green again…. well, that is Cologne for you! I am a bit down today. The kids are adorable and give me so much joy, but everything else is really tiring. I want to bake spritz biscuits and am all motivated when I prepare the dough […]

8 December 2017

After a sleepless night, I can’t wait to go home – goodbye Klösterchen! I should take it easy, inhale and take the medication. Maja was ill all week, but comes to pick me up and it is great to see her 🙂 Home Sweet Home – I need to go to ‚downtown‘ Riehl to see the […]

7 December 2017

Hurray, hurra! They found a high level of mycoplasma antibodies in my blood and the CT showed that my lungs improved – I can go home tomorrow 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Markus saved the breakfast dilemma, by dropping off müsli, almond milk and fruit last night after reading my blog – thank you 🤩 Hans already said good […]

6 December 2017

Thanks for worrying about me – I simply did not blog yesterday, but I am fine. I am still in hospital and there were no news and no results, but the coughing is a little better! Prof. Dr. Breidenbach called me today, as she only found out now that I was to check how I […]

4 December 2017

Not a single nurse enters my room without commenting on my Rituals advent calendar – even Hans, Franz and the Professor! I get the wrong breakfast again and wonder if my ex roommate is enjoying my Müsli…. probably not, she order all the white flour bread and rolls I have to eat now – Sylvie […]

3 December 2017

The first snow 🤗 The kids are so excited and I wish I was with them….it is just a little icing sugar, but Leo is hoping to build a ’sandman‘! I am crossing fingers and toes for more snow …. I am still coughing, but this is day three of all my antibiotics drips and […]

2 December 2017

Markus took Leo to the emergency services last night, therefore I did not switch my phone off……mild imflammation of the middle ear. Obviously he did not sleep at Carla’s, but he is fine again today. My phone is playing funny games…. it restarts every few minutes and annoys me so much that I switch it […]