8 December 2017

After a sleepless night, I can’t wait to go home – goodbye Klösterchen! I should take it easy, inhale and take the medication. Maja was ill all week, but comes to pick me up and it is great to see her 🙂

Home Sweet Home – I need to go to ‚downtown‘ Riehl to see the podiatrist – who did say that apart from the air under my nails, my feet are actually in good shape and could be much worse –  but I take it easy and cannot wait for Mia to get home. I have not seen her since Sunday and it is wonderful to spend time with her alone. When Leo gets home from music school, we finished decorating the cookies we baked before I went to hospital and the kids are full of chocolate, but I love it … and I am exhausted…. Dinner, bedtime reading and I realize that I need to rest a little more. I am ok to rest during the weekend and we do not have any plans. If I am fit on Sunday, we might see the lights parade, but I do not have the restlessness I faced beforehand and am quite happy to chill and read, when not with the kids. Mom is staying an extra night with us to make sure that I rest 😉

Sadly, I realized today, that I still do not really feel at home in this apartment, even after two years and I need to address this issue after cancer along with a lot of other things. I did spend a lot of time here at the beginning of my therapy though and I will be fine to increase the home time again, just looking after myself.

Strange things are happening – My appetite is completely gone now and I have to force myself to eat. Normally I love eating, but even being without chemo right now, I did not get my appetite back…. especially sweet things do not tempt me at all and decorating the cookies I did not even try to see what they taste like.


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