7 December 2017

Hurray, hurra! They found a high level of mycoplasma antibodies in my blood and the CT showed that my lungs improved – I can go home tomorrow 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Markus saved the breakfast dilemma, by dropping off müsli, almond milk and fruit last night after reading my blog – thank you 🤩

Hans already said good by, as he is off for a few days and we are all a bit sentimental…. I am still happy to go home though.

I get my last antibiotics drip and will start with tablets in the evening, the port needle is being removed and I will get an inhalation machine to use at home. The coughing will probably continue a little bit longer, but from Tuesday no antibiotics and next chemo on Thursday!

My highlight of all my visitors was Leo ❤️ – I thought it would have been too much for Mom to bring both kids, but one is better than none. I had not seen him since Sunday, we had so much fun and I look forward to being home with the kids ❤️

I got a psychologist appointment for next week and the insurance company will have to decide, if I continue there or somewhere else – it is all a bit complicated!

Chemo buddy Katja is in full remission and only needs the radiation now🎉🎉🎉

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