6 December 2017

Thanks for worrying about me – I simply did not blog yesterday, but I am fine.

I am still in hospital and there were no news and no results, but the coughing is a little better! Prof. Dr. Breidenbach called me today, as she only found out now that I was to check how I was – she is so nice and will follow up with Dr. Reiser!

My cousin Sylvie is brightening my mornings with daily Soja lattes and green smoothies ❤️

I was hoping to leave hospital today and to do chemo tomorrow… Prof. Dr. Galetke came to see me at lunchtime and said that the bronchoscopy did not help them to locate the cause of my pneumonia – they tested a few, but all negative – but that they are waiting for more blood results. He wants to do another CT of my lungs tomorrow to see if there is improvement and will then see, if I can go home on Friday 🙄 no chemo until next Thursday. It annoys me, but I know I have to listen to them and Prof. Dr. Breidenbach confirmed that he is the best!

Hospital routine is getting a bit boring now… 5:30am they wake me for the first drip, then the day consists of drips and inhalations, meals and the doctor’s visit and last drip at 10:30pm…. thank god there are Hans and Franz and the other staff and my friends, who visit, call and chat to me! I try to stay positive, read, meditate, watch movies and will wait for the blood and CT outcome. I miss my kids though….

Find the Müsli … yep – No Müsli today, la lalala lala….

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