4 December 2017

Not a single nurse enters my room without commenting on my Rituals advent calendar – even Hans, Franz and the Professor!

I get the wrong breakfast again and wonder if my ex roommate is enjoying my Müsli…. probably not, she order all the white flour bread and rolls I have to eat now – Sylvie saves the morning and brings a Soja Latte, fruit and a green smoothie ❤️ and for tomorrow I will get my müsli!

At lunchtime I get the info that one of my followers was just diagnosed with breastcancer on Friday…. stupid cancer! We talk a lot and I keep my fingers crossed until she has her final results!

I know that it is difficult to help and some people do not know what to say, if someone has cancer! If you don’t know how to approach a friend in a cancer situation, just send a message or call – the people, who matter to me right now, are the ones, who just do things – send presents, send messages, call me (I simply do not pick up, if I don’t want to talk…. or can’t speak like the last few weeks 😛), check how I am doing, offer help right there and then, when a situation arises, call to say they are close by and want to meet me, say they arranged a play date and can pick up the kids….. thank you to these people of actions ❤️ Show the person with cancer that you care – that is the most important!

Professor Galetke checks on me and says that the results are not back yet, but that my inflammation levels are almost back to normal! He would like to keep me longer and continue as we did until the results are here. I see the point that I have to be fit to go home – I want to get rid of the coughing once and for all! The new ward is not ready yet, but I enjoy it here and tell him what a wonderful team they have here! My Mom will arrive tomorrow to stay with Markus and the kids and I wait and see how much longer it will take….tomorrow is tumor conference and Prof. Galetke will speak to Dr. Reiser and then I will probably know more!

In the afternoon, I have seamless visits from Antje, Tina and Andrea ❤️

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

2 Kommentare

  1. Ciao Alex!
    You got me today… ich bin eine von denen, die nicht gut mit Krebs umgehen können und die nicht recht wissen, was sagen oder tun…

    … aber… sei dir sicher, ich schicke dir immer wieder einen kraftvollen Gedanken aus den Südtiroler Bergen!

    Stay strong Alex, ich umarme dich ganz fest!

    Gefällt mir

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