31 January 2018

I am sooo tired ... again! Yesterday I fall asleep all dressed, only to wake up at 3.00am, when Mia decides to be awake. I finally get ready for bed and spend the next two hours laying next to her, while she is singing all her favorite songs, naming all food, which she loves and... Continue Reading →

30 January 2018

Attention - Beauty blog πŸ˜‰ After dropping off Leo, I cannot wait to hit the drugstore to get the magic tattoo eyebrows. You paint them on and then peel them off and whoops, you have eyebrows again. It sounds too good to be true and I definitely am not up-to-date when it comes to beauty... Continue Reading →

29 January 2018

The situation is already very emotional, but with chemo drugs, I am even more emotional than normally and cry all morning trying to write to Sandra's family. My mind does not stand still and since I have so much time to think, I do not find a way out of this mental spin - I... Continue Reading →

28 January 2018

I think my big toe nails are slowly saying good bye now 😒, my new lashes are almost all gone again, I have skin irritations and have gained more weight - I really had enough and cannot wait for the chemo to be over!!.... Silke has booked her flights to join me for one week... Continue Reading →

27 January 2018

Leo and his buddy Jakob learn how to ski today! Despite my prejudice concerning indoor skiing, I am amazed by the set-up with different lifts, ski huts and all you would normally find in a ski resort - great concept, Skihalle Neuss! We have a quick dinner at Jamas and are all exhausted, but happy!... Continue Reading →

26 January 2018

Mia was restless and I took her in my bed last night - which I loooove, but I could not sleep until 11:00pm and have been awake since at least 1:30 am 😴 ....then again, I am a mother - we can cope with no sleep at all ...NOT! Digital detox does not work with sleepless... Continue Reading →

25 January 2018

Will the chemo take place? Dr. Reiser is concerned, but we make a plan - I take antibiotics and he will do the chemo and we see next week how I am ..... whoooohooo 14/16 is in the books! Maja picks me up from chemo Β and we planned to go for Fish'n'Chips, but the place... Continue Reading →

24 January 2018

Despite all my good intentions I spent the evening clinging to my laptop and phone - yet, I did not have the energy for anything else! Well, the intention is already a good start I guess πŸ˜‰ Today I am ... still in bed! I cancel the running Mamas, neither do I have the energy... Continue Reading →

23 January 2018

Welcome to the world of my emotional ups and downs - maybe you can image what it can be like at times, when I share my morning: As I wake up, I have no energy and have the feeling that I don't really have a life at the moment. Somehow I cannot even picture that... Continue Reading →

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