22 January 2018

I have a cold, a sore throat and I am doing nothing!! Promise! I think a lot about Sandra, exchange memories & pictures with our little circle of girlfriends from school…. we were really close and shared so many memories. I will always be really close to them, even though we are not regularly in touch and all live in different cities and countries.

Muriel sent me this hilarious book Cancer and the City – it is a French comic about cancer and I love it… it shows the whole journey, but is done in such a nice way! Informative, serious and funny!

I feel really old today – I can hardly walk up and down the stairs and there is no way I will even consider going to yoga! No way! Markus is happy that he can go to his sports tonight then!

Despite having no energy and feeling sorry for myself, I did look for yoga, meditation and quietness in Bali ❤️

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