31 October 2017

London, my love, thanks for bringing back all these wonderful memories .... the smell of the tube, the poppy vendors, brick buildings, cider, pub food, the busy and the calm, catching up with Muriel and seeing Rob after probably more than 15 years! I go with the flow, decide to skip the museum, as the... Continue Reading →

30 October 2018

It was Secondary Breastcancer (SBC) Day this month and there is the need for a post on this subject, as there seems to be confusion and misconception .... what is that? It simply means that the cancer spread to other parts of the body and is also known as metastatic breast cancer (MBC).... in other... Continue Reading →

29 October 2018

Welcome back to my cancer routines..... my aim - trying to maintain my new level of awareness through everyday life. Thank goodness my trial period is only two days long, as tomorrow I am off to London. My guilty conscious is knocking on the door - I am leaving the kids again for another five... Continue Reading →

28 October 2018

🎵🎶🎵 Got my mojo workin'... 🎵🎶🎵 - the difference to the last few months is amazing... I no longer go through my day in a Fatigue bubble.... I have energy! Not a lot, but enough to get easily through the day.... wow! Thank you, Avène ❤️ We visit Markus' niece and my heart melts -... Continue Reading →

27 October 2018

The next charity on my list - last but by no means least - is Blogger4charity .... a heartfelt cause to support! Natalie started this charity to use the range for a good cause being a young cancer survivor herself. Blogger4Charity wants anyone to look after themselves, go to the doctor, of something does not... Continue Reading →

26 October 2018

I had my end of therapy exam with Dr. Petite yesterday! The skin is amazingly hydrated, the scar tissue in my breast shrank to 1/3 of it's original size, the scars are all softer and my feet look soo much better! The chemo I take right now attacks the hands and soles of my feet,... Continue Reading →

25 October 2018

Full moon, baby! I am exhausted, but I have another two days to rest and relax.... awwww 🤗 Inner beauty is certainly key, when loosing your outer looks. Especially during my completely hairless days, it was essential for me to use make-up in order not to look like a pale version of Dobby the House... Continue Reading →

24 October 2018

It's a wrap! We are shooting the final scenes today between my therapy, massage and Pilates and I am returning to normal cure life! It was great to work with Avène, but so am really tired now and look forward to my last two days in Avène.... amazing how time flies. Résumé so far: My... Continue Reading →

23 October 2018

It's a wrap.... tomorrow we will film the last little scenes and then I have more time again for writing, relaxing and myself, but for now I am grateful to be distracted, as my bosom buddy Paula is waiting to find out, if she has skin metas and the pathology results will only be ready... Continue Reading →

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