24 October 2018

It’s a wrap! We are shooting the final scenes today between my therapy, massage and Pilates and I am returning to normal cure life! It was great to work with Avène, but so am really tired now and look forward to my last two days in Avène…. amazing how time flies.

Résumé so far: My cancer fatigue generally improves though…. my tiredness has normal days now and I continue to make the most of the rest of my cure and it will include my digital detox windows 😉

My muscle tension, specially around the left breast/ shoulder improved a lot and the scar tissue is a lot softer.

The skin is more hydrated and the skin on my feet is softer…. it is still like elefant skin, but maybe baby elefant 😉

General mindset – I am calm and relaxed!

Tonight I am meeting with the other patients in my hotel, as Avène invites all for an aperitif …. and I realize that I seem to be the only cancer patient living in the hotel! Lucky me!! It will be nice to spend more time with them though!

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