25 October 2018

Full moon, baby! I am exhausted, but I have another two days to rest and relax…. awwww 🤗

Inner beauty is certainly key, when loosing your outer looks. Especially during my completely hairless days, it was essential for me to use make-up in order not to look like a pale version of Dobby the House Elf…or to at least have eyebrows. It is just facial hair, but loosing them was the worst for me…. I’d shave my head any day, but I love my eyebrows and lashes!

Today is my make-up seminar day at the Avène Thermal clinic. Did you know that look good feel better has a different name here? Oh, well, the French – it is called Belle & Bien, but it’s the same thing!

This is not one of these seminars, but I use the opportunity to draw your attention to these seminars. It is breast cancer awareness month and I introduce organizations that are active in this field and look good feel better is one of them! Whether you are in therapy or not, check them out…. they bring patients together and make them literally look good and feel better! Promise! They are held in a lot of hospitals all over the world, they are complimentary and you get to keep all the make-up products donated by renown brands – including Avène!

In Germany DKMS LIFE runs them and they are doing a wonderful job at it ❤️ Avène is one of the company, who supports them not only with products, but also financially through campaigns and train the beauticians, who are all volunteers… DKMS LIFE is entirely funded by donations!

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