30 September 2018

Everyone from my prenatal class reunion cancelled today, but you know what? Then I have more time with Leo ❤️ ... it is just a pity that I cancelled a visit from two ships mates because of it, but they will visit me another time 😉 This morning I buried myself in paperwork for the... Continue Reading →

29 September 2018

I received more Dreamball pictures and it's the final time I will post about it .... I think 😉 it just brought back all these great memories ❤️ And today, "Baby horse and Mummy horse" are going to town together. I have to return a few things and Mia and I are having a coffee... Continue Reading →

28 September 2018

We need talk more about cancer, start using the word! It is called CANCER and it is everywhere, even, if you cannot see it.... it is not "that situation" or "your circumstances" nor "it".... it is called cancer! Yes, we can...cer - starts right there! This charitable organisation wants to encourage tabu and fear free... Continue Reading →

27 September 2018

Determination ... I go the extra mile, get the job done, mobilize extra energy to reach a goal, strive for perfection, there is no such thing as a dead end, I get back to you immediately, get things done, while multitasking is my middle name and never say no, as I love the challenge -... Continue Reading →

26 September 2018

I spend my afternoon in a little Pirat world with sticky happy kids, glowing cheeks, cheers and laughter, Pirat songs yelled on top of their lungs, a tug of war with trembling bodies and little feet counting their steps through the underwood, while clinging to their stained and burned treasure map....the excitement of plunging voices... Continue Reading →

25 September 2018

What a day..... Pfew!! I am exhausted, but not surprisingly. The onchologist visit results in one extra week of chemo break to give my toes a chance to recover a bit, but he says it will be worse and worse. He is in favor of my Avene cure though and hopes that we might even... Continue Reading →

24 September 2018

One year ago I cut my hair and sported a pixie cut for ten days before I went bald..... and now, my hair looks similar, but boy.... there is so much that happened ..... Shall I tell you what I am looking forward to next?! I am so excited! During the Dreamball, Gaby Wurth, Director... Continue Reading →

23 September 2018

It is my 25 year highschool reunion and I fly through the day in a blur.... it is I am too tired and exhausted. It is the last day, which adds to the exhaustion of the past week … Mia joins me at 2:00am and Leo at 5:00am and this is the end of my... Continue Reading →

21 September 2018

I am back in my cancer routines, but I am flowing through the day on a Dreamball cloud, my heart is full of happiness, love and wonderful memories. I cannot stop smiling, humming the song that Caro, Marlene and Raliza sang with Barbara Schöneberger! The team of the DKMS LIFE around managing director Ruth Neri... Continue Reading →

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