20 September 2018

When you skydive, you have adrenaline kicks hours afterwards and that is exactly what I am experiencing - what a day at the Dreamball yesterday! Maja and I are being picked up by a BMW shuttle and meet for a Blogger Lunch with press and L'Oréal at Borchardt - a restaurant I only knew from... Continue Reading →

18 September 2018

Live and let live.... this is not your gig, it's mine! Everyone finds a way to deal with cancer differently! My psychologist says a defence mechanism I use is sublimation - I turn my cancer fear into something creative and positive - this is my way of coping with it, but everyone is different and... Continue Reading →

17 September 2018

Cancer connections.... we connect with each other, no matter what cancer, we understand each other and it feels good! If it is during music therapy, via the social media or in everyday life... During a cancer Blogger Workshop I met three fellow bloggers from Cologne and today, we visit Conny after her hopefully last operation!... Continue Reading →

16 September 2018

I am a Muddy Angel!!! I did it!! I feel like I ran a marathon, which is what I feel like every morning, but this is different! I am full of endorphins, happy, proud and it's a great! Last year I was supposed to run, but got my diagnosis not even three weeks beforehand! I... Continue Reading →

15 September 2018

I drag myself through the day, as I feel exhausted already when waking up, but manage to go to town with Leo, get a haircut, while the kids and Markus have lunch and attend swimming lessons with a Leo, who refuses to go into the water.... and I can barely keep my eyes open afterwards....... Continue Reading →

14 September 2018

One year ago today, I had my first chemo EVER.... I was sooo nervous, tried to do everything right, had a big breakfast despite not being hungry, drank a lot of ginger water (which by now I cannot stand anymore.... just the thought 🤢) and was prepared with a meditation app, a downloaded movie, lots... Continue Reading →

13 September 2018

It's my three month check up with the radiation team! It really does not seem that three months have past already... wow! Time flies... I don't really know what to expect, but I notice that the radiation field is still visible on my skin. It looks like a shadow, slowly fading away! My doctor is... Continue Reading →

12 September 2018

My body is amazing - tired, but awesome! All the treatments, the 16 chemos, 2 operations and its complications, 28 radiations, menopause, bone aches, pneumonia and now chemo pills.... it is tired - fully understandable - but it keeps going and going! Wow! Last night was a night, which reminded me of my first chemos... Continue Reading →

11 September 2018

Today I won't bore you with cancer fatigue.... I am quite bored of it myself 😉 9/11 - I was onboard Caronia (the picture was taken in Spitzbergen, but my digital photos only started in 2002) heading towards New York.... we were to debark all our guests there before starting on a Golden Fall cruise... Continue Reading →

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