16 September 2018

I am a Muddy Angel!!! I did it!!

I feel like I ran a marathon, which is what I feel like every morning, but this is different! I am full of endorphins, happy, proud and it’s a great!

Last year I was supposed to run, but got my diagnosis not even three weeks beforehand! I had my first operation and it was three days past my first chemo that I watched them run the Muddy Angel Run 2017, with Alex written on their faces, Tine running with my number ….

One year has past, I am almost done with chemo and today I run with my own number! I run, slowly, but I run… climb each obstacle, slide through the mud and in a way it represents my journey! I am not alone though – I run with the LaufMamaLauf team and it means the world to me ❤️ thank you!

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