30 September 2017

We are celebrating Paula and Leos birthday at Paula's and I just have to show up - thank you Andrea! I am sick, but the food helps today! The hair is really falling out a lot - I can still hide the bold little patches, but I am glad Christina is shaving my head the... Continue Reading →

28 September 2017

Chemo nurse Frau Fassbender wasn't there the last time and I like her straight away! "You are being expected!" - Katja has reserved a seat for me and I unpack the pretzels I brought along - Katja brought some M&Ms and we are ready to go. It is amazing how many parallels there are -... Continue Reading →

27 September 2017

The wig is just ready in time - after tomorrow my hair will start falling out. To be honest - I feel so much more comfortable with my pixie cut.... oh well, this way I can always have longer hair again, when I feel like it in the future. I will have to go for... Continue Reading →

25 September 2017

Leo will be 3 tomorrow and I am almost done with all the preperations - super proud of my cake!! I try to organise everything to make it a special day and invite some family and friends. The thing with this situation is that suddenly I am in very close contact with people I least... Continue Reading →

23 September 2017

Another visit to the wig shop... this time I bring along Markus and the kids and my cousin Sylvie. I am aware that I have to pay some extra to have a nicer wig, but the one I like is €1.600 !!??!! It is not even real hair... WOW! If I should ever loose my... Continue Reading →

22 September 2017

Leo and I go to CUT to make the transitions from curls to bald as smoothly as possible - especially for the kids. Maja cuts a bit off and Leo as well. It is a fun event and I love my pixie cut - pity I will only have it for a week or so....... Continue Reading →

21 September 2017

It is always one week after chemo that I will get the blood levels checked - they check the leukozyten, HB and Thrombozyten and all is ok. My collegue Miri is getting married and I managed for her not to find out yet that I am ill - lovely weeding! I actually cannot sleep very... Continue Reading →

20 September 2017

Fiffy time - we try some of the wigs, which were ordered for me. Artificial hair wigs have all different feels and colors - you can even get them with grown out roots or a few grey hairs in them 😉 They measure your head, try to match your hair, then they order a wig,... Continue Reading →

18 September 2017

I am at PAN Klinik to see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach for a post operation check-up. There is this bald girl waiting with me and I ask about her hat in order to start a conversation, as she seems nice - meet Katja - we are the same age, she also has a small child and... Continue Reading →

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