22 September 2017

Leo and I go to CUT to make the transitions from curls to bald as smoothly as possible – especially for the kids. Maja cuts a bit off and Leo as well. It is a fun event and I love my pixie cut – pity I will only have it for a week or so…. I am really touched, when Anna doesn’t want to charge me ❤️ Thank you!

This is the day I post my story in Facebook and I am overwhelmed by the love and support, which I get from everywhere around the world!

The reason I spread the news is not only to make people aware, but also to let them know that this is a normal part of my life now and that they can openly talk to me about it – additionally they will not be shocked, when I am suddenly bald 😉 and since I talk a lot anyway, it would be weird to not talk about this either – it actually helps me a lot as well to cope with it!


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