30 April 2018

Frau Schöps is very old and walks slowly with her Zimmer frame into the radiation center. I am ten minutes early today and we chat about cancer and radiation, being tired and living in the same neighbourhood... she had a mastectomy 30 years ago and there are new tumors around her scar and they spread...... Continue Reading →

29 April 2018

You did it again.... you are an asshole, you stupid cancer, and you don't play fair! I hate you! You grew during my bosom buddy Paula's first chemo and now during the second chemo as well?!? Not funny .... but you picked the wrong girl - she is badass! Thinking of you ❤️ I started... Continue Reading →

28 April 2018

I used to look forward to weekends, but now I am somehow dreading them... I love spending time with my kids, but I still don't really have the energy for a full day of kids chaos! Maybe it is only the fear that I won't manage and fail at being a good Mum.... am I... Continue Reading →

27 April 2018

Radiation 2/28 - I am early, everything clicks like clockwork today.... ready, taxi, traffic lights all green, in, radiation, out. If I had not been early, I would have spent no more than fifteen minutes in the building... wow! Off I go to Frau Kakizaki, the non-medical practitioner .... pity I only notices two days... Continue Reading →

26 April 2018

Radiation 1/28 - I do my last physio in the morning and am a bit nervous. My heart is ok and my body strong enough, which is something I am grateful for, but I do not know my way around the radiation business yet. Surely I will have the hang of it in no time... Continue Reading →

25 April 2018

I am happy about every single hair that is coming back into my life.... ok, I could have done without shaving my legs for another few months, but it is a price I am happy to pay! Nurse Fassbender said that once the hair comes back, everyone expects you to be back to normal again,... Continue Reading →

24 April 2018

Today I pay the price for yesterday ... I am exhausted, but have a strange experience brushing my hair for the first time since September.... hmmmm.... it hurts a bit and to be honest, I don't really notice a difference. I will not do that again and see for how long I can get away... Continue Reading →

23 April 2018

Today is a good day! It is sunny and I am in a good mood despite being tired! Prof. Dr. Breidenbach praises my boob work & cabbage efforts! If it was primary school, I would get a star, as she did not expect the result to be this good - I shall continue and radiation... Continue Reading →

22 April 2018

I am exhausted and try to chillax with the kids most of the day .... It is a contradition in itself, I know, but they actually can chill.... sometimes.... and I only need to leave in the afternoon for Düsseldorf, where the Blogger4Charity event takes place. A virtual meets reality event for me - I... Continue Reading →

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