22 April 2018

I am exhausted and try to chillax with the kids most of the day …. It is a contradition in itself, I know, but they actually can chill…. sometimes…. and I only need to leave in the afternoon for Düsseldorf, where the Blogger4Charity event takes place. A virtual meets reality event for me – I look forward to meeting a few of my Insta contacts!

Sturmfreie Bude is a great setting and the Beo Yalcin’s musicians created a beautiful atmosphere – wow to so much talent in one location. Nathalie has done a wonderful job to motivate people to donate for the support of children and their families by fulfilling their biggest wishes and helping young women to feel good despite having cancer! I am meeting up with DKMS LIFE, who supports the event and will organize a large event with Blogger4Charity in Berlin next year! Thank you for all your efforts – this is what makes a difference!

Markus is working a night shift, but I meet him on the doorsteps…. I send our babysitter Pam home and bring the kids to bed. I am tired, but it fills me with joy and only had the energy now to crawl across the hallway into my bed and post my blog entry, check out my goodie back and let the impressions of this weekend sink…. I met inspirational people, spoke a lot about cancer and saw the good that can develop from it….. I have a new hashtag on my mind – Benni’s #morehumorthantumor – feel drenched, but empowered at the same time and mentally prepare myself for a busy week ahead. Radiation starts on Thursday (unless Prof. Dr. Breidenbach throes in her veto last minute 😉)….

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