23 April 2018

Today is a good day! It is sunny and I am in a good mood despite being tired!

Prof. Dr. Breidenbach praises my boob work & cabbage efforts! If it was primary school, I would get a star, as she did not expect the result to be this good – I shall continue and radiation can go ahead. I also got the go ahead for yoga, but should not lift anything with my left arm yet… no weights, no tubes, but I am extremely stiff and look forward to doing some exercise again!

I need to slow down a bit, but stop at Maja’s on my way home… I am all determined to relax more and take it easy after this weekend, but a quick coffee with Maja serves exactly that same purpose anyway and I will have time to chill before my heart echo appointment.

I bump into Wolfgang and my heart jumps…. we always met during chemo, he is much older than me, walks on a stick and is adorable. He was always one of the highlights during chemo, as there was a sense of calm cheekiness about him and I learned midway through chemo that we live in the same neighbourhood. Doing another chemo means that I will see some of the chemo faces again… Wolfgang, Tanja, Nurse Fassbender … I know it sounds strange, but I actually look forward to it – only from that perspective though.

Dr. Hellemann checks my out everything and I notice that my lines and crosses are coming off slowly 😳 – I will have to refresh the lines, where the plasters protecting them have come off….My ECG, heart echo and blood pressure are all fine though! I am ready for the next leg on my journey – radiotherapy here I come!

Tonight I am invited to join my colleagues from HRG at Mongos for dinner. I have not been working for two years now, since cancer followed my maternity leave, but it is great to be in touch and since I worked in a team spread all over Germany, I have not seen most of them since I was pregnant…. what a nice evening! It feels like I am still there and no time has passed….

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