31 December 2017

Ready for 2018!?! Yes! 2017 was a somehow challenging year, but it was great - from all aspects. Thanks to all of you for being part of my journey and all your love and support! It really means the world to me ❤️ I was still on maternity leave when the year began, we went... Continue Reading →

30 December 2017

Off we go to Luxembourg! 13 degrees and it is raining cats and dogs - I guess I am leaving the snow boots at home and I am happy that there is a gym and climbing wall for the kids for plenty of indoor fun! The wonderful thing is that the kids all entertain each... Continue Reading →

29 December 2017

"Reach for the stars, not for the daisies" (Nicole Staudinger) ... but what if I don't have the energy. I have the first sleepless night since ages and my mind takes funny turns. I cry and feel lonely. I don't know what is wrong - I go to the bathroom and admire my little regrowth... Continue Reading →

28 December 2017

Chemoooooo hoooohooo! Number 10 is done ....whooohooooo! If all goes smoothly, I am all done in one month's time ... yipehhh! Since the kids have no Kindergarten and Markus is off today, I ask them to bring me to chemo. I want to show the kids, where I go and I want them to meet... Continue Reading →

27 December 2017

I know I keep going on about it, but I still have an issue with my lashes and eyebrows .... or rather without them. No hair is easy to handle - I could have shaved my head on purpose and actually like it, but without eyebrows and lashes, I look ill! Going home for Christmas,... Continue Reading →

26 December 2017

We are finally back in Cologne and I am tired, but happy and the kids are adorable. There was so much magic and love during Christmas and I am grateful ❤️ - and I took it easy and simply enjoyed it! Last night, my brother Micky and I eventually hit the town and went to Tröte. I... Continue Reading →

25 December 2017

The Christmas days are filled with family time, kids, friends and food... my brother and I stay with our families at my parents, my cousin and her family at her parents and we meet on the 24th at the nativity play and on the 25th we go for brunch, which turns into an all day... Continue Reading →

23 December 2017

Driving home for Christmas 🎵🎶..... We all meet at my parents, my brother and I finally look alike and I catch up with my school friends at the Highway Man until the early morning.... I need more sleep! 2018 we will have to organize our 25 years Highschool reunion 🌟

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