22 December 2017

11 degrees and rain…. not the kind of Christmas weather I asked for, but hey, Michelle is stopping in Cologne on her way from Amsterdam to Frankfurt this afternoon and I cannot wait to see her 😀

Markus is home with Mia and Anja can fill in for our household help Steffi in the afternoon – all sorted 🎉

In between my appointments I go shopping again …. T-Shirts, a dress, earrings, Chelsea Boots…. this has to stop…. one week of treating myself has been way too expensive – then again, I really don’t care and it feels like I had to do it! Time for the shops to close during the holidays 😉

Foodwise, I have suddenly cravings since yesterday…. I was never a big meat fan, but suddenly I want to eat spicy salami sausages…. crazy – and also sweets!?!? Oh I hope that will stop after Christmas, but it is good timing for my appetite to return for the festive season with all the nice food….hmmmmm. And remember, you don’t gain weight between Christmas and New Year, but between New Year and Christmas 😉

I see Tatjana Richartz with my wig and she actually manages to make it look like real hair again – I now lost the Berlusconi hairline and she shows me different styles. Who knows, maybe I will wear it one day, but even if not, I love what Tatjana does ❤️ It is funny how quickly I got used to not having any hair and it is strange to imagine that I will have hair again one day. I will keep it short though… at least for a while.

More presents for me arrived when I return from neighbours and my godchild family! I am such a lucky girl! When I pick up Leo from Kindergarten, I chat with the teachers and I once again realize how happy Leo is in Kindergarten and how nice they all are. This is such a relief to know that he is happy and often does not want to leave, as currently he spends more time there than before I was ill and I often feel guilty.

Michelle picks me up in the afternoon and we hit the Christmas markets!


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