30 June 2018

I have my time out with Christina and recharge my batteries... ok, I don't leave the house until way past 8pm, there is no energy to dance the night away, but we have a nice evening with the InterNations people, sit in bed and chat a lot and I have a lay-in and a wonderful... Continue Reading →

29 June 2018

#stepupfor30 - 1 hour of Tennis wit Lutz at Kölner Tennis Club let's the day start on an all high, as he is the type to compliment one all the time - probably just to make sure that I book another lesson, but who cares 😉 Today is busy, as I have lymphdrainage, a little... Continue Reading →

28 June 2018

First day of my chemo free week - I should be happy, full of energy, enthusiastic, as it is a nice sunny day.... What a dreadful morning - I want to rest, as I am exhausted, get stuck on stupid series (never ever did I want to start one - how could this happen?!?!)... tired,... Continue Reading →

27 June 2018

#stepupfor30 - I mobilize my last energy resources and go running with the Mamas.... today in football shirts - go Germany go ..... the afternoon will be spent rather passively, watching the game with friends and kids and I stocked up on fan merchandise.... nothing can go wrong now! Why? Because I want a bit... Continue Reading →

26 June 2018

After a coffee with Nina and a Thai massage with Maja - note to self: Head massages make poodle hair and I need to make an appointment for a haircut - I am ready for a trip down memory lane to pioh, my chemo center. Memory lane?! Well, yes and no - I am not... Continue Reading →

25 June 2018

I watch a movie during the night.... and I am so emotional lately. I cry my eyes out and cannot fall asleep. It is a happy movie about people falling in love, having babies and my hormones play tricks on me. Yes, I really wanted another baby, wanted to be pregnant again, nurse another baby... Continue Reading →

24 June 2018

#stepupfor30 - I need a timeout today.... maybe I overdid it a bit and maybe it's the new chemo.... my body is hurting like I ran a marathon! Knees, hips, legs, arms, back, hands, fingers....In the afternoon, Markus and the kids leave for a bike trip and I can rest, which really helps! The intention... Continue Reading →

23 June 2018

23/30 of my #stepupfor30 challenge and I need to cheat a bit, as it is physical activity, but not in a sporty way.... I carry all our flea market items to the front yard, set it up and unfortunately pack almost all away again - I am gobsmacked and cannot move for the rest of... Continue Reading →

22 June 2018

#stepupfor30 - 7:30 am and I am jogging through the botanical gardens.... it is gorgeous, but I am tired... time for coffee with Maja ❤️ Tasty Pasty Co - the new shop on Schillplatz... what a brise of fresh air and little England in the heart of Nippes ❤️ .... my hope for a slimmer... Continue Reading →

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