21 June 2018

A friend of mine tells me about the closing meeting with her oncologist, who is bubbling away while hinting that she should really not come back for any little concern, as it is probably not cancer?!? He probably meant that we all might think with a little headache that it might be a brain metastasis, but this is not the way it came across!

I am so upset – it is statements like that that stop patients from going to the doctors, when they feel that something is wrong! Don’t listen to the bla bla blas, don’t care what doctors/ other people think or that it may be ’nothing‘ – if you feel that something is wrong, see a doctor … no matter how often and if you are not taken seriously or have a funny feeling, insist to be checked properly or change your doctor!

Additionally he said that the outlook was grim anyway, if it came back?!? Any cancer is different, but can you be any more negative?!?! Surely positivity does not kill cancer, but it brings you a long way and painting all black really does not help. Again, he probably wants to be realistic, honest and everything I appreciate about any doctor, but maybe he should really check how he comes across – thank god my friend is strong enough to ignore it, but other patients might not!

#stepupfor30 challenge – I have to bend this a bit today: the physio therapist Frau Dietrich puts me on a power plate for 5 minutes, which is apparently equal to 30 minutes exercise….. ok, that would be too easy, but I do the weekly grocery shopping by bike. And if this still isn’t enough – I single-handedly load our VW van with all my flea market stuff – jam packed – and unload it with Lea at her house….after a glorious parking manoevre, where I slide effortlessly into their narrow driveway exceeding any male expectations. That must do for today, as every single muscle in my body hurts!

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