20 June 2018

2/3 done of my #stepupfor30 challenge…. whoohoo! Tomorrow is calling for a quiet workout, as my body is hurting and I am done after my session in the park today with the Running Mamas 😜….

I am tired, but have a coffee with the girls and an iced coffee at the market in Nippes, as it simply sucks me in. I love the market, the vibrant colours, the atmosphere and screeming of the vendors in the sunshine makes me think I am somewhere mediterranean and I am enjoying every minute.

Sitting still is really difficult at the moment and already last evening I had the urge to get up regularly, as the longer I sit, the stiffer I am, when I get up. But I am ok – I watch the mummies with their babies chatting away, the old men having their cigarettes while debating and I am enjoying the here and now before I do my round of fresh produce hunting! It is a hot day and I shall avoid the sun, but Vitamine D is good and I enjoy it just a wee bit – time for a little nap in the garden in the shade me thinks 😉

The coffee kiosk is an institution, a melting pot and I am shocked to learn that they are planning to knock it down to build some public toilets …. I will find out what can be done to avoid this.

I feel like a grey poodle and am thinking about using the clippers myself, but quickly change my mind …. badly trimmed curls would give me an even stronger poodle resemblance I guess 😉

I manage to pick up both kids today and be on time at Mia’s gymnastics – and I glide in effortlessly – glowing with pride. Mia and Leo are bubbling away and the teacher tells me that Mia never speaks when attending with the household aids – and it breaks my heart! I hope I will be fit enough to regularly go to gymnastics with her from now on!

Task number one completed – I paid the balance for my mini cruise November 1st with all the Ex QE2 crew and now just pray that nothing will happen and that I can go!

Task number two – the carpenter is finally fixing the last issue from the water damage we had over a year ago next week – fingers crossed!

Off off to autogenic training!

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