14 December 2018

Please don't spoil the magic....we walk through the night, we see angel hair and is that Santa's sledge far far away or just a star.... the Christmas star or just any star?!? How many more sleeps?!? What is my biggest wish?!? For me, I don't have any apart from living a long life, as I... Continue Reading →

13 December 2018

Paperwork, calls, you name it.... I do a tiny weeny bit, but spend this lovely day in Christmas spirit, colouring window paintings, making cookie dough and taking it easy! Paperwork, see you tomorrow, I needed chillaxing at home and me time 😉

12 December 2018

What a day! Kindergarten talk, doctor, wedding of our household aid Jessica, Christmas presents done and dusted and I am on my way to pick up four kids.... with our other household aid! Pfeww.... Yesterday I received the film, which documented my stay in Avène and it brought back all the nice memories - it... Continue Reading →

11 December 2018

Wow - I love my Recover your Smile pictures.... it is not only the photos - this experience was magic and I am grateful that I was invited to be part of this!! Recover your smile boosts our self confidence, let's us spend a magic day together, connects us and creates memories and pictures that... Continue Reading →

10 December 2018

Coffee - I love you, I need you! I am at my gynaecologist and all is ok. She has no time for a breast ultrasound, but at least checks them manually and checks everything else. All is in good order! Yeah! She could do a breast ultrasound, but thinks that it does not feel unusual... Continue Reading →

9 December 2018

Hamburg - I love you! Well, actually it is more the people ... whatever - a perfect weekend comes to an end, as we board the train to Cologne. I will probably need two weeks to recover 😜 This morning rush to the boat, where we can bake Christmas cookies with the kids and while... Continue Reading →

8 December 2018

Gratitude - that sums it up.... I am full of happiness and love! Thank you for this wonderful day ❤️ thank you Hamburg, thank you breasties, thank you Silke, thank you Christmas markets, thank you Christmas parade, thank you flying Santa and thank you Recover your Smile for the pictures.... I will let it sink... Continue Reading →

7 December 2018

Live and let live - Today I am just unbelievably sad how some people are just miserable.... fair enough, they can be miserable, but why try to make my life miserable?!? No chance! Not today - I look forward to the kindergarten's Christmas play, the magic and the train to Hamburg! Happy weekend everyone! Be... Continue Reading →

6 December 2018

Happy Santa - today is all about excited children, shining faces, smiles, chocolate for breakfast .... there is magic in the air, as the kids speculate about Santa, are surprised that he ate all the cookies, are proud having received a little thank you note and my heart explodes.... I join them having chocolate for... Continue Reading →

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