21 December 2018

Three more sleeps…. and the magic is at risk due to warm weather and constant rain – but do I let anything spoil our Christmas joy?!? No way – instead of ice skating with me, the kids go swimming with Markus, while I play Christmas elf and wrap all their presents and write some cards…. I love it!

My last lymphdrainage for this year is in the books! Sparkle, glitter and have drink….it does not always have to be mulled wine – in these warm temperatures, champagne will do just fine 😉 I raise a glass and toast to 2018… it was an important, dramatic, sad, funny, horrible, lovely and inspiring year – an emotional roller coaster ride, but despite the fact that I could easily have done without cancer and would love to have skipped that part – I am thankful for all that came along with cancer…. not literally all, but the positive side effects! And now, I enjoy my break!

Did I mention that I love this time of the year?!?! It is the time about feelings, love, coziness, friends…. tell a friend how important your friendship is! Online peeps, I am so glad that we connected – you are my support group, my motivation and it means the world to me ❤️ and some online friends are also part of my amazing offline friends now! I am grateful beyond belief and happy to be alive and kicking, glittering, sparkling and dancing around the tree!

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