20 December 2018

Oh what a night with my cousin Sylvie…. an operetta – „Im weißen Rössl“ („the White Horse Inn“) by Ralph Benatzky – light entertainment one could say…. but what a blast! The costumes, the sceneries, the ideas… they really make the most out of the possibilities and sometimes just simple tricks would do the magic – I cannot stop laughing!

During the interval, we have some wine, don’t want it to end…. the magic in Staatenhaus is catching and you can see the fun the singers have…. it is bright, gay, colorful, funny, Austrian and wonderful – an alpine idyll with the mountain backdrop and a cable car and we are in the middle of it being in the second row. It is exaggerated and over the top in such a clever, bright and funny way with knitted beards, confetti, wigs, the funniest accessories, the male ballet, fog machines, the woman hunter with horns and a beard, coloured beards, cow costumes with three tits, plastic costumes, rollerblades, fury moonboots…. I could go on and on! If you have a chance – go and see it either in December or January…. What a blast! Our Austrian hearts jump with joy! Thank you, Oper Köln!

I feel alive – I am paying the price today, but we even have drinks after the show in the Alte Wartesaal and it feels so normal!!

Paperwork is piling up, my bank account is screaming, but I am living and I love life! Early night tonight and tomorrow, as it is Markus turn to go out for the next two nights – and I need it!

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