19 December 2018

Coffee…. a lot of Coffee! Gosh, I need it…. I was out last night in Suderman’s Winterwonderland, in bed in the wee hours of the morning and I am a tired, but happy chappy girl today….

What do I do?!? Coffee dates with my LaufMamaLauf girls, with Maja and in between I even manage to write my first Christmas cards… yeah!

Leo has a friend over this afternoon, Mia has gymnastics and I am going to the opera tonight with my cousin Sylvie! Oh whatever….I will go iceskating with the kids tomorrow and I might pack, as kindergarten is closed on Friday…. somehow it always all falls into place…. sometimes 😉 so far, nothing can destroy my calm and the paperwork can wait! It is Christmas!

Thinking of my friend in Bremen ❤️

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