30 July 2018

I love travelling, different countries, climates, vegetation, beaches, mountains, the sea and the food, but most of all, I love the people…. travelling wides your horizon, let’s you experience different views and cultures…. You don’t have to go far, different regions in Germany are already different, but I love Asia… and Latin America, and South […]

28 July 2018

Being exhausted last night, I still could not sleep…. the lunar eclipse? The chemo pills? The heat? It’s like the cortisone push I used to have – tired, but cannot sleep, exhausted, but restless…. Therefore I feel like in a bubble today, vegetate through the morning and early afternoon until Markus and the kids leave […]

26 July 2018

Yep…. hot… the alternative practitioner Frau Kakizaki does a reflexology foot massage and places her acupuncture needles to help bone pain, for cooling and in the „holy temple“ on top of my head ?!!? Whatever helps…. I look like a hedgehog, but it’s ok. Next stop onchology – the temperature is already at 35 degrees, […]

22 July 2018

Chillaxing with Micky…. hmmm…. I could stay forever…. reading, sauna, swimming in Eibsee…. In the late afternoon we are driving back to Munich, where it apparently rained all day….I am exhausted from doing nothing….happy as can be and look forward to seeing Anna & my nephews before going to Freising to stay with Anke & […]