31 July 2018

26 August 2017 was the day I felt a lump in my breast and 31 August 2017 was the day I was diagnosed and now I am sentimental, as August is starting tomorrow. One year ago was the run up to the big c-day, but I wasn't aware... What followed was an outlook of a... Continue Reading →

30 July 2018

I love travelling, different countries, climates, vegetation, beaches, mountains, the sea and the food, but most of all, I love the people.... travelling wides your horizon, let's you experience different views and cultures.... You don't have to go far, different regions in Germany are already different, but I love Asia... and Latin America, and South... Continue Reading →

29 July 2018

My eyes are burning and I wonder how I will ever manage a normal life again.... it's Sunday, I make pancakes and rest on the garden sofa, read with the kids and give them water colours .... that is all I manage, but it is all I need today! My heart is filled with love... Continue Reading →

28 July 2018

Being exhausted last night, I still could not sleep.... the lunar eclipse? The chemo pills? The heat? It's like the cortisone push I used to have - tired, but cannot sleep, exhausted, but restless.... Therefore I feel like in a bubble today, vegetate through the morning and early afternoon until Markus and the kids leave... Continue Reading →

27 July 2018

Pfeww... 37 degrees until 7pm, but it is actually ok! Highlights of my day are 1) Angela and I get our free post-chemo cuts with Tatjana Richartz, who made our wigs...I actually never wore mine and checked, if she could give it back, but that does not work, so I will probably donate it somewhere... Continue Reading →

26 July 2018

Yep.... hot... the alternative practitioner Frau Kakizaki does a reflexology foot massage and places her acupuncture needles to help bone pain, for cooling and in the "holy temple" on top of my head ?!!? Whatever helps.... I look like a hedgehog, but it's ok. Next stop onchology - the temperature is already at 35 degrees,... Continue Reading →

25 July 2018

Positivity!! I have always been a positive person and it really helps to get me through treatment, keeps me going and let me move on. There surely are ups and downs and the cancer journey isn't a fun ride, but there is nothing I can do about it and to concentrate on the positive helps... Continue Reading →

24 July 2018

It is a hot hot summer, but a little iced coffee and a chat at Maja's do the trick.... the main thing on my mind today is LASHES.... or rather parting lashes 😉 I finished the main chemos 5 1/2 months ago and last week I am suddenly loosing lashes .... not just a few,... Continue Reading →

23 July 2018

Here we go again.... I am on the 8:20 flight from Munich to Cologne.... just like last Monday! Tired, but happy! Due to high demand, the flight is operated by an Airbus A330, which is nothing unusual, but I have this long distance feeling, as I board the plane.... they show the distance of 435km... Continue Reading →

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