29 July 2018

My eyes are burning and I wonder how I will ever manage a normal life again…. it’s Sunday, I make pancakes and rest on the garden sofa, read with the kids and give them water colours …. that is all I manage, but it is all I need today! My heart is filled with love and my kids are covered in water colours ❤️ I am exhausted, but happy!

I know I will get there, I know I will have the strength and I know it just needs some time!! I am not there yet, by far not, but I take babysteps…and I let my body rest and listen to my body! It is 3pm and I am not joining Markus and the kids, but rest…. and hopefully I will have the energy for tomorrow and my therapy appointments and the rest and maybe, I will have some energy tomorrow to finally get my head around the Untire app 😉😴

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