30 July 2018

I love travelling, different countries, climates, vegetation, beaches, mountains, the sea and the food, but most of all, I love the people…. travelling wides your horizon, let’s you experience different views and cultures….

You don’t have to go far, different regions in Germany are already different, but I love Asia… and Latin America, and South America, the Pacific islands…. well, any area has its beauty, but also different people! I don’t want to moan about the Germans, as I choose to live here and love a lot of them, but sometimes, I like to get away from the correctness, the moaning, the judging and the observations…. in no other country have I ever noticed the amount of surveillance, the joy some people have when catching someone doing something wrong….the jealousy and distance. What I really want to say is that I enjoy the diversity that we have in Germany!

This is why I love InterNations – I can meet people from all over the world without leaving Cologne. Despite being tired, I look forward to this trip with Nisha tonight!

But for now, it’s music therapy at Haus LebensWert, which let’s me travel with African, Hebrew and Maori songs…. I close my eyes, feel the vibes and the sea breeze and the roar of the ocean – we are on the ground floor today, as the elevator is out of order and I don’t want to know, what the people passing by are thinking, when they see and hear us sing 😉 but then again, I really could not care less!

After my psycho oncology date with Caroline Scheulen, I have Indian lunch with Lars and meet his lovely girlfriend Maryam for coffee, who I have not seen for years! I am getting mentally prepared for two Kindergarten friends visiting us, but I enjoy it! It keeps my kids entertained and it is lovely to watch them having fun. Despite being tired, I look forward to my little travel adventure tonight, where Maryam might join us being Persian!

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