31 May 2018

Guess what - there is some news for you - I am soooo tired today! It is a public holiday though and I want to do something fun with the kids.... no chance of leaving the house yet! I am physically there, but I feel like I am trapped in a parallel universe... far away... Continue Reading →

30 May 2018

Today my hairdresser Kevin is tackling my hair helmet - Halleluja .... I have troll moments after getting up in the morning, am scared to look like Atze Schröder or Hyacinth Bucket soon and go for some trimming around the edges.... and above my ears! I feel like turning into Krusty the clown, if I... Continue Reading →

29 May 2018

I find my inner calm today - or maybe it is just being tired plus heat, but I let this day go by.... radiation 22/28 and I have to get an extension for my taxi contract, as the insurance company only granted it until the 31st May.... another month is gone! Wow! I get the... Continue Reading →

28 May 2018

World Blood Cancer Day - are you registered with DKMS? It is a saliva swab and some information are needed and you are done! And if you are qualified to be a donor, it is quite harmless and pain free! Most of the time the stem cells can be taken from your blood! I start... Continue Reading →

27 May 2018

Since we had such a nice time with Christina, Daniel and the kids yesterday, we all go to the open air pool Lentpark to start the day.... well, I am not allowed to go swimming, but I just watch the kids from the shade with Christina, who is nursing wee baby Mattis. I do love... Continue Reading →

26 May 2018

Weekends have a different meaning now, as radiation makes my weeks busy and I can finally have a laying, as the kids are nicely playing with each other! I feel I am on top of the world, but it does not last for long.... we go to the market and by the time we hit... Continue Reading →

25 May 2018

"Code red code red" .... I have actually no idea what the announcement was, but suddenly all the doors in the radiation center open and loads of people in white coats run up the stairs past the waiting area carrying different equipment.... we wait and see and I am being called into radiation 19/28 and... Continue Reading →

24 May 2018

I have a magic moment last night - autogenic training is nice, relaxing and I enjoy it, but the big WOW comes in form of Bokoma rings, which Beatrix Häcker gives us in between two exercises .... I wish I had known about them earlier! You slide these metal rings, which are similar to winded... Continue Reading →

23 May 2018

Radiation 17/28 .... 11 to go and if I will be any more tired, there won't be any getting up for me any more ......whaaaaa!!!! I am proud to have stopped by the InterNations meeting yesterday, do some sports and run some errands today, but I am actually quite relieved that chemo Claudia cancelled our... Continue Reading →

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