10 May 2018

Nutrician – despite a German documentary suggesting that nutrition can kill cancer, I still think everyone needs to find a way to lead a happy life in whichever way works best and I think that there certainly is a benefit to eat healthy, whether you have cancer or not, but I also think that it […]

8 May 2018

Generally my kids are good sleepers, but what happened last night?!? Mia is wide awake at 3:30, first screaming and then playing nicely in my bed while constantly asking for my attention. She is really cute and adorable, but aaaahhh….. I am soooo tired! It might be the tiredness, but reality hits me hard today…. […]

7 May 2018

What a day…. I hardly have time to breath and have to leave the house without a coffee/ breakfast…. radiation, music therapy, alternative practitioner and Kindergarten. I drop off Leo at a birthday party and get ready for the Distribution and Sales Team Meeting dinner with my colleagues from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Is it […]

6 May 2018

The naked truth – 2 days vs 3 months past my last chemo…. time really flies, I have the hopefully last operation in the books, 6/28 radiation sessions done and it is summer in the city! Mia will be two next Monday and it only seems like yesterday she turned one…. The next week will […]