11 May 2018

Radiation 10/28 ✔️

I noticed little blisters after the last radiation, but due to the public holiday, my breast had a day off and now they are gone. I am glad my skin has the weekend to recover.

I am being called in at 8:45am and leaving the radiation center at 8:55am – they actually warn me that it takes a bit longer today as they have to take control pictures to make sure the lines are still in the right place, as sometimes the breast can swell during radiation 😉

I cannot get over it – I am back home 30 min after I left the house….Now it all has to go like clockwork: buy the last ingredients, shoes for Leo and a 2 balloon for Mia, bake & decorate my cakes for Monday, presents are almost all wrapped. No rest for the wicked? I cut everything else out of my day, accept that I don’t have enough red and pink smarties for my cake decoration and rest during lunchtime.

I have a busy, but super fun afternoon with Leo and we all visit our local fair before we have dinner at our local Italian restaurant La Spendula! I just have to finish packing and wrapping and off we go to Munich tomorrow morning 😎

I feel I am really on top of things, I am superwoman in my own terms, as I even finished sorting out the kids‘ wardrobes today …. whoohoooo! Bring on anything – I can handle it!

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