12 May 2018

Ready, steady, go…. after breakfast, I decorate the table for Mia’s birthday, draw on our chalkboard wall, shower and off we go! The train literally departs 2 minutes after we board 😉

I am well impressed with Deutsche Bahn – not only do the kids get toys, no, there is kids animation onboard…. whoohooo! What a great idea!!

Can I have a bad hair day? Theoretically, not, but my curls are back big time…. will I be a Rastafarian?!! I shall not find out, as I plan to keep my hair short, but it might be worth a try 🤔

Hello Munich – nice to see you again!I am tired & chillaxing at Anna & Micky’s is what I need right now! So good to see you ❤️

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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