13 May 2018

„I have been to church once – it is really boring“ is my son’s way to prepare his cousin for what is ahead of them today. I am not a church person either, but my godchild Finn’s communion day is super emotional for me!

He is nine now and I have to cry a few times during the church service, as I am so proud of him and really touched how grown up this little man is already.

When the church service finishes, I turn around and first see Jan – my flight attendant friend, who I studied with in Ealing – then his son Teja and finally his wife Anke …. they are so important to me and I am so happy that they came to Munich! Yep, more tears, but happy tears…. I have to make sure to see them soon again and I am thrilled that they join us for some drinks before lunch in the Menterschwaige ❤️

I am resting a bit at Micky & Anna’s, the kids play and now we are on the train back to Cologne! I am tired and the kids do not give the impression to be sleeping in the near future, but since we are only back in Cologne at midnight, there is a chance…..! This fatigue thing is getting on my nerves, but I am a happy camper and a happy mother – not only because it’s Mother’s Day! My kids give me so much energy, they are my everything and I want to see them grow up! I cannot believe Mia will be two in a few hours ❤️

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