14 May 2018

Mia is 2 – and happy that her biggest wish comes true…. chocolate chocolate chocolate! She is tired, but she is overwhelmed, her eyes are sparkling and my heart explodes ❤️

I am tired too, but flow through the day! Radiation 11/28 – I meet Anna again, who will now be doing the rest of my treatment with me, but I miss Frau Schöps today…. All breasties in the waiting area agree that the joints are hurting – when I sit on the floor nowadays, I can hardly get up and feel like I am stone old…. it is good to know that I am not alone!

Music therapy is uplifting and on my way home I bump into my early childhood friend Lars and have a quick coffee with him, which is always an uplifting experience – both Lars and the coffee!

Up up and away – Mia’s godmother Anne from Frankfurt is visiting and I am so happy to catch up with her…. a wee bit! We join Mia’s birthday bash in Kindergarten, pick up Leo and the party continues at home ❤️ what a day!

Sandra and I even manage to have our yearly picture retaken …. well, the original shot was the 12 May, we already had much trouble re-creating it last year and it takes about 100 takes today 🤦‍♀️ Sandra wants to make a movie out of it for the kids‘ 18th birthday and we have to improve the process …. it was a good laugh though and maybe a making off movie with all the out takes would be even funnier 😂

I feel tired out, cancel yoga and am going to bed now! What was the best present? „The house“ … for little dolls – thanks for cleaning up the rest of the mess now, Markus!

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