10 May 2018

Nutrician – despite a German documentary suggesting that nutrition can kill cancer, I still think everyone needs to find a way to lead a happy life in whichever way works best and I think that there certainly is a benefit to eat healthy, whether you have cancer or not, but I also think that it is a personal choice how to live and what to eat. This actually goes for everything – or as chemo nurse Fassbender always says – „it is your movie, you are the screen director and you decide what is happening!“…

The only thing I was not allowed to eat during chemo was grapefruit fresh orange and lemon juice due to the acid and I was completely ok …. I did NOT cut out sugars, as the tumor cells need fuel for cell division and the chemo can only destroy the cell during this process. In fact, I ate a lot of sugar…. I have reduced it after chemo and one could point finger and say „see, your tumor was still active after chemo“, but you know, it shrank from more than 2cm to 4mm and it is my movie.

I have always looked after myself, practiced sports and had a healthy diet, which I am keeping and now adjusting, where I feel that I need improvement…. and yes, I still enjoy my life, drink wine, eat candy and unhealthy food, but not all the time and I am interested in healthy nutrician.

Therefore I went to see the alternative practitioner – specialized on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The belief is that it is all about energy – Yin and Yang, the calm and the energetic, which needs to be in balance and if in unbalance, it can cause pain and illnesses.

I had to fill a 20 page questionnaire answering all about my lifestyle, nutrician and medical history. There are five elements in the nutricianal concept – air, metal, wood, earth and water, simply to categorize the different parts of your body. I need attention with wood and earth and no, I don’t really believe in the whole concept, but I take the best elements of each theory, which are logic to me and use them….

To get more energy, I should – drink hot water and eat more hot food and less raw, as the raw food actually is too difficult to digest for me (I have tummy cramps), I can still drink the occasional green smoothie, but rather as a small dessert, eat more legumes and limit processed food, fast food, fried food, battered food, spicy food, frozen food, garlic, ginger, onions, pepper, large amounts of cinnamon, dairy, additives, sweets and sugar – nothing new here. I actually started a while ago to eat porridge, never liked milk anyway and I should eat prior to my first coffee….

I love it when a plan comes together – not -we have Simone and her family over for a BBQ now …. good nutrician here we go!

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